Future events

Date: 16 September 2010.

Venue: NIOO-Yerseke

Objective: Working session to write a paper on Estuarine Biogeomorphology

Past events

On 17 & 18 June 2010 a Biogeomorphology workshop was held at Deltares, organised by Bas Borsje and Bregje van Wesenbeeck. Participants were Peter Herman, Mindert de Vries, Han Winterwerp, Martin Baptist, Tjeerd Bouma, Tom Ysebaert, Luca van Duren & Bram van Prooijen.

A discussion was held on several topics: friction drag close to the bed, biota-biota interaction and sediment stability, microbiology and sediment stability, long-term and large scale sediment budgets and interactions with human forcing, saltmarsh growth and cliff erosion & ecosystem shifts. Two challenges were identified:

- parameterisation of biological processes into deterministic models for sediment transport and morphodynamics.

-  links to large spatio-temporal scales in biogeomorphological processes.




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